How to edit YouTube Videos

Do you want to know how to edit Videos on YouTube? Until recently, we used to download the YouTube video, edit it using windows movie maker and upload it to YouTube again. However, YouTube had recently introduced an experimental video editor that lets you do some very basic video editing like trimming the video, adding an audio to the video and giving it a good title.Thus you don’t even have to download the YouTube video or convert it to WMV format to edit it!

The new YouTube video editor lets you edit all you videos online. Here, we will tell you how to go about editing videos in YouTube.

Note that YouTube has a storyboard section, where you can add multiple videos or add the same video multiple times and trim the desired portion of each of the selected videos. The trimmed videos can then be mixed in any order to create a new video.

How to edit YouTube Videos?

  • Go to YouTube’s video editor.You will be asked to sign in if you are not already signed into your Google account
  • After signing in, you will be taken to an area called the “Media Picker”. Under the “My videos” tab of the YouTube editor, you’ll find all the videos that you’ve uploaded to YouTube.
  • You will also find an “Audio” tab where you will find a list of music you can add to the video.
  • To preview a video before selecting it for editing, click on the center of the video.
  • Next, select the video for editing by clicking the “+” icon next to the video. The video you have selected will show up in the “Video storyboard” at the bottom. You can also drag and drop videos from the “Media Picker” to the “Storyboard” area. You can select a max. of seven videos and edit them.
YouTube Video Editor
  • Mouse over a video in the “Storyboard” and click on the scissors icon to open the “Edit Clip” dialog.
How to edit YouTube Videos
  • The “Edit Clip” dialog pops up and lets you trim the video by setting new start and end points. Grab the trimmers on either side of the clip and drag them to your desired entry and exit points. You can use the video preview to determine where to drop them.You can also use the small left and right arrows on the top and bottom of the trimmer to “nudge” the entry and exit points of your clip 1/15th of a second, to get it just right.
Trim YouTube Videos

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