How to find files with a text string

Search text in multiple files with Windows Grep, a free Linux like grep utility for Windows. With Windows grep, you can search and replace text strings in a batch of files.

Grep is originally a command line utility written for use with the Unix operating system. Grep is derived from the ed command in the Unix text editor and it takes the following form – g/re/p. Grep stands for “search globally for matches to the regular expression, and print lines where they are found”.

Windows Grep is designed to run on Windows 7, vista and Windows XP and you can search for text in any of the plain-ASCII text files (such as program source), HTML files, RTF, batch files and also binary files such as word processor documents, databases, spreadsheets and executable.

Features of Windows Grep

  • It can be used by any computer user. In beginner mode, a “Search Assistant” guides you though the process of setting up and executing a search.
  • The program can search both plain text and UNIX-style text files can search for text in Program source code, batch files, HTML, RTF and so on.
  • The program can be used to search for text in Word Processor documents, spreadsheets, unencrypted databases, EXEs, DLLs and so on.
  • It can not only be used to search for files containing a text string but also to search and replace text strings.
  • Search results are displayed in HTML format and they can be printed or saved to the computer.
  • Support for “Windows Grep” to be driven from a DOS box or other Windows shell.
  • The utility can be run in the background while you work something else.
  • ‘Search again’ – Files containing the matches can be searched again for a different string.
  • It can even search files in compressed folders.
  • Explorer Extension – You can even launch Windows Grep from Windows Explorer

Windows grep is a powerful search utility for windows. Free download Wingrep from here and install it.

How to find files with a text string?

When you run the program, a search assistant dialog will pop up to guide you with the search.

Search text in files

Enter the text string to search and choose the type of search i.e. normal (regular expression) search, soundex search, or a quick search.

Click Next, and specify the names of folders to search. Then, click Next and specify the file types to search. you can even specify your own custom file types to search for the text string.

Finally click Finish. Windows Grep will begin searching the specified folder and files for the specified text string. After completion, the results will be displayed on the interface. Clicking on any of the search results will give details about the actual line numbers and the text as it appears in the file.

Search text in multiple files

Download the excellent file search and replace utility for Windows.

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