How to hide folders and files

Hide folders and files on local partitions in windows or any removable device including a pen drive, CD, external hard disk etc. using the free software “WinMend Folder Hidden”.

There may be several instances where you may find the need to share your PC or pen drives with others. But what will you do if you have sensitive information on the PC or the removable device and you cannot share such information?

This is when freewares like WinMend Folder Hidden are handy. They let you hide folders and files on your PC or on your removable drives such as USB drives. By using such software, you can easily hide selected files and folders and make them invisible for any other person using you PC or your removable media. Folder and files in the removable media are not only invisible on the computer where they were hidden, but also in any other PC where they are used.

WinMend Folder Hidden hides folders and files irrespective of whether the drive is accessible by another operating system on the same computer. They will also remain hidden for other programs on the PC.

How to hide folders and files in Windows

Features of WinMend Folder Hidden

  • safe and reliable software.
  • WinMend Folder Hidden hides folders and files instantly, irrespective of how big they are.
  • All files and folders in removable media such as flash disks, which are hidden by this software, will remain invisible even if such media are used with any other computer.
  • All hidden folders and files are not accessible from any other operating system or programs installed on the same PC.

Free download WinMend Folder Hidden. It works on Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP. There are several skins available for the application’s interface and you can also password protect the application.

Try this free software to password protect and lock folder in windows and files in windows vista and XP. You can also Check out this free File Folder Renamer to rename files and folders.

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