How to noindex your feedburner feed content

It is a good idea to not index your feedburner feed content.Indexing your feedburner feed content has no real benefits. The feeds use the same title as your posts. Moreover, they do a 302 redirect to your actual posts. Many of you might be aware of the 302 redirect woes in google. This is a “How To” on no indexing your feedburner feeds.

As regular readers of my blog and users of my plugins, you may be aware that Platinum SEO plugin provides a smart wordpress seo option to noindex all your RSS feeds.This will help in not indexing your feed content in search engines. But most wordpress users redirect their feed links to feedburner feeds.Platinum SEO plugin plugin cannot be of much help here, as you are redirecting to an external site, namely feedburner.

But there is an easier way of not indexing your feedburner feed content.Here is how you do it:

How to add “Noindex” to feedburner feeds?

  • Log on to your feedburner account
  • Navigate to Publicize tab
  • Choose Noidex from feedburner sevices listed on the left
  • Select the option “Indicate that your feed should not be indexed by search engines

noindex feedburner feeds

That is all folks.Now go ahead and noindex your feedburner feeds. You will also be interested in knowing how to prevent Yahoo! pipes from mashing up your feed content.

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