How To Open Files With Unknown File Extensions?

How to open files with unknown file extensions? How many times you have received files with unknown file extensions or files with extension for which you don’t have a corresponding software? Many people wonder how to open a file when it has an extension that they have not heard of.This is big challenge faced quite often by not only people who are relatively less technical but also by people with sufficient technical skills and knowledge.

A filename extension is a suffix to the name of a computer file applied to indicate the encoding convention (file format) of its contents. File extensions can be considered a type of metadata that are commonly used to infer information about the way data might be stored in the file. While fileextensions like .txt, .doc, .xls, .bmp, .jpg, .png etc. are quite common on windows, many may not be aware of files with extensions such as .pps, .gan, .abt, .mpp and many others.

A file that has no extension or that has an extension that is not listed in the Registry on your computer will need to have some program associated with its type before it can be opened or otherwise used. While a computers are configured to use Notepad for unknown file types but otherwise double-clicking on such a file will bring up the unknown file dialog box, where you can choose to pick a program from a list, by choosing the radio button “Select the program from a list” and clicking “OK”.When you choose to select a program, the “Open With” dialog box appears. Windows will list what it thinks are the best possibilities but it is often the case that none of them are appropriate program to open the file.This is where is extremely useful. is a database of free programs to open many such unknown file extensions. desktop Tool is a useful tool that lets you search for free software you can download, to open files of unknown file types.

  • Free download desktop tool from here and run (double click) it to install
  • Once installed, if you right-click on a file you’ll notice a new line on the menu, “ – How do I Open This?”. Click that and the application opens and searches for a suitable free program to open it. Though you need to be connected to the internet to use this tool, it is quite fast and often returns a range of results.
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  • If knows about that file extension, it will list all compatible programs. If you already have one of the programs installed, it will say Installed. If not, it will ask you to Download.
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  • Select the program you want to use. If you are unsure, you can double-click on each program and find more information about it.
  • If the program you want to use isn’t already installed, click on the Download link. The program will be downloaded.
  • Once the program is downloaded, a new folder will open with the installer. At this point, you need to run the installer to install the downloaded program. After you install the program, you will find Download changed to Installed.

Isn’t that cool? Enjoy opening files with many different unknown file extensions, with

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