How to password protect folders and files in Windows 7, XP and vista

If you do want an option to password protect files and folders in windows, then we suggest you to try the free Androsa File Protector.You don’t need to buy a commercial file encryption software for tasks like encrypting and password protecting files and folders!

Androsa File Protector is an excellent file encryption software for windows OS.It works on Windows 7, Vista and windows XP. This password protector has advanced encryption algorithms to encrypt files in windows and it also offers you the ability to password protect Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations and more. Here are some good features in Androsa File Protector.

  • Protects files through advanced encryption algorithms like AES – 256 bit / 192 bit / 128 bit, TripleDES 192 bit and DES 64 bit
  • One can easily set up passwords up to 256 bit (32 characters).
  • Has a simple and user friendly graphical user interface. If you have files or folders to be encrypted and password protected, simply drag and drop them on to the file protector’s interface and assign a password by clicking File –> “Protect/Restore” from the menu. Once you assign a password, the selected files will be automatically encrypted and changes to files with .afp extension. The files can then be opened and viewed only by users who have the password with them.
Password protect folders and files
  • The “advanced” tab in Settings offers features like “Delete source files after protect/restore operations” and “Prevent existing files from being overwritten during restore” which will prevent accidental overwriting of any files that already exist in the same location as the files being restored. If the program finds a file with the same name in the same folder, it will create a file with a similar name i.e. file.txt will become file(1). txt
  • The software also integrates itself with the right click context menu in windows OS.It is thus easier to password protect any file by simply right clicking it and choosing “Androsa File Protector system” menu item.
  • The software can support encryption and password protection of any file in windows.You can thus safeguard your sensitive files on you PC
  • It also lets you create a self-decript archive
  • It is also available as a portable software and thus you can carry it on your USB stick and use it anywhere. you can also save yourself from installing yet another software on your pc.
  • You can even password protect files that are greater than 2GB in size

Androsa File Protector provides an option to backup files before the encryption process begins as a precaution from data loss or file corruption. This might occur due to any of the following reasons.

  • – Unexpected PC crash
  • – Power black-out
  • – Disk failure

All files are backed up before the protection process begins. Once the operation completes successfully, the program erases the files using the selected deletion method – “normal” or “secure 1-3 passes”.

Free download Androsa file protector and solve all your folder and file encryption and password protection problems with ease.We encourage users to make donations to developers to keep them motivated to maintain and release more such excellent free software.

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