How to password protect PDF documents?

Password protect PDF documents, suppress printing and copying text from such documents with the instructions listed below.

The big advantage that PDF documents have over image files like TIFFs or JPGs, is the ability to secure the document. You can secure PDF documents by password protecting them.You can also limit a user’s ability to copy text from a PDF document and even prevent him from printing its content.

How to password protect PDF documents or files?

  • Open the PDF file in Acrobat
  • Select File > Document Security from the menu
  • Got to the “Security Options” drop-down and select “Acrobat Standard Security”
  • Find the box labeled “Password required to open document” and place a check mark against it.
  • Edit or type the password
  • You can also add a password requirement for changing permissions or password.To add a a required password check the box against “required password to change permissions or password” and enter the password. However note that this password must be different from the one that you entered for securing or password protecting the PDF file.
  • If you want your PDF document to be password accessible to users with previous versions of Acrobat Reader (versions earlier than 5.0), do not change the 40-bit encryption setting. However if your users or audience will be using version 5 or later versions of the Reader (or the full Acrobat program) then you may use 128-bit encryption.

How to suppress printing or copying text from a PDF document?

  • You can suppress printing the PDF document or changing the document. You can even suppress content copying, image extraction, and adding or changing comments on it. Check the boxes next to the appropriate options that you want to apply.
  • Then, click OK
  • You will then be required to confirm the password. You must re-type them correctly for the changes to be accepted.

Password protect your PDF files and enjoy sharing them with better security.

Though there are options for securing image files, the easiest method of securing them is by zipping or compressing them into an archive and password protecting the zip or compressed file. Read more on how to password protect zip files in windows XP or Windows vista.

5 comments on “How to password protect PDF documents?

  1. hey thanks for sharing this simple tutorial. Recently when i downloaded couple of pdf over net , they were password protected. I was trying to figure out how to do that , this simple tutorial helped me…else i was thinking that some software is used to do so 🙂

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  2. Good post. It is very important that you don’t change the 40 bit encryption setting else users with earlier versions of Acrobat Reader (versions earlier than 5.0) will not be able to access them but at the same time I wonder who will be using those versions till now.

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  3. Nice tutorial . Never knew this about pdf files.

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  4. Hi…i am using adobe 9.0, in which the document security option is not coming, can any one help me??

  5. This is a good idea if you’re distributing marketing materials or have digital products. Yo don’t want other people changing your content. I always encrypt my pdf’s – and sometimes disable printing – but not always.

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