How to remove programs with free uninstall software

Uninstall or remove programs in windows with the free uninstallerUberstaller“. Windows programs can be removed through the Add/Remove programs utility in the control panel.But there are situations where you may find special third party uninstaller programs like “Uberstaller” to be useful.

Removing programs manually is not only difficult but not optimal too, as the chances of leaving out traces of the program in your Computer are high! Hence it is always advisable to uninstall programs through the control panel or through trusted third party uninstallers.however, you don’t have to buy an uninstaller as there are several good free uninstallers.

We had earlier covered “free uninstaller” to remove programs in windows.Here we cover another good freeware called “uberstaller”.

How to remove program in windows

To remove programs in windows,

  • 1. Go to “Start” => “Control Panel” => “Add or Remove Programs
  • 2. Click on any of the installed programs and click the Remove button. To remove windows components like internet Explorer, Windows media Player, Windows messenger etc, click “Add/remove windows components” and follow the instructions on the wizard

The advantage of using a third party uninstaller like uberstaller is that you get to know complete information about the programs installed on your PC through their user friendly interface.Right click on any of the programs listed in the interface and do any of the following.

  • Select “Install folder” to immediately open the program’s installation folder.
  • Select “Regedit Key” to open the registry and navigate to the registry entries for the program.
  • Select “search <program name>” to search for the program in Google.
  • Select “Delete key” to delete the registry key
  • Select “Uninstall” to uninstall the program in windows
free uninstall software

Uberstaller ensures that all the program traces are completely removed for optimized space and system performance. It is also a file shredder through which you can securely delete any file or folder by just dragging and dropping it on its interface and clicking the “Remove” button.

Features of Uberstaller

  • Advanced uninstaller packed with essential features.
  • Provides full information about installed software.
  • Ultra fast filtering allows to locate and uninstall programs in seconds
  • Engine is fully optimized to take advantage of the latest technologies
  • Heuristic scanner completely wipes off all traces of partially uninstalled applications.
  • Built-in shredding tool for secure erasing of files and folders
  • Provides support for changing Skins to customize visual appearance
  • “Live update” function ensures that you receive any update notifications automatically

Free download uberstaller from here and easily remove programs in windows.

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