How to set up a linksys router manually

We earlier told you on how to set up a LinkSys router, using the CD supplied along with the router.Here we will tell you how to set up and configure the LinkSys router WRT54GS, manually.

Physical set up of LinkSys router

A LinkSys router may be setup as a wired (DSL or cable connection) or a wireless connection. Here is how you will physically set up the router.

  • Step 1 – Attach the antennas to the LinkSys wireless router.

If you are using a computer or laptop with a built-in wireless adapter, ensure that its wireless feature is switched ON and your laptop is positioned within 5 feet of your LinkSys router. Most laptops do have a switch that turns its built-in wireless feature ON and OFF. You may refer to your laptop’s documentation or online help if you’re unsure where this switch is. However, this doesn’t apply if you purchased an external wireless adapter separately.

If you are using a computer, with no wireless connectivity, and is normally connected via Ethernet cable to your DSL/Cable modem, then do the following.

Connect one end of the supplied Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of your computer and connect the other end to one of the numbered Ethernet ports at the back of your LinkSys router. You can choose any port except the one labeled “WAN”, if any.

  • Step 2 – Plug one end of the power cable to the router and the other end to an electrical outlet.
LinkSys router
  • Step 3 – Plug another Ethernet cable to the port on the back of your router labeled “Internet.” Plug the other end of the cable to your internet service provider’s modem.

Configuring LinkSys router manually

Once you are done with the physical set up of LinkSys router, as explained above, you can configure the LinkSys router manually.

  • Open your web browser, type the following URL – in the address bar and press ENTER
  • You will be prompted to enter the Username and password, Enter admin in the the “Username” field and leave your router’s password blank. The default Username is “admin”.
  • On logging in, you will be shown a number of configuration options for your router.From here, configuring the router depends on your desired options.However, LinkSys routers usually ship with default settings and they work right out of the box in most environments.

If what you have is a wireless router,it is recommended to consider setting an SSID to identify the router and also encrypt the wireless connection using a Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) key. Under the Wireless Security option, enter a pass-phrase and click Generate. This will generate a password which will be needed by any client trying to connect to your router.

Setting-Up a DSL connection on a LinkSys Router

To set up a DSL internet connection, follow the steps outlined below.

  • After logging in by going to, look for “local IP Address” and change it to “
  • Click “Save Settings
  • Renew your computer’s IP Address by following the steps mentioned below.
    • 1. Go to the Command Prompt. Click on “Start”, type “cmd” and press ENTER.
    • 2. Type in “ipconfig/release” and press ENTER on your keyboard. Your IP Address will now consist of 0’s, i.e.
    • 3. Now type in “ipconfig/renew” and press ENTER on your keyboard.
    • 4. Your IP address will now be displayed, e.g. “”
  • Go to the router’s configuration page again by typing in the address bar of your web browser.
  • Once the web page appears, click on “Status” and check whether the “IP Address” field has a series of numbers or 0’s. If the “IP Address” has numbers, you are all set to connect to the Internet.

If the “IP Address” has 0’s, click either on “DHCP Release” or “IP Address Release” and then click on “DHCP Renew” or “IP Address Renew”, as the case may be. If the IP Address still comprises only of 0’s, you should enable “PPPoE” on the LinkSys router.

Connecting to the internet

  • Connect to the Internet and click on “Internet Setup”.Select your connection type from the drop-down menu. Choose “DHCP” for cable modems or “PPPoE” for most DSL modems.
  • If you had to connect through “PPPoE”, enter the Username (along with the domain, if necessary) and Password provided by your ISP.
  • Click “Save Settings”
  • Now click “Status” and see if the “Login Status” displays “Connected”. If not, click on “Connect”.

That is it! You should now be able to connect to the LinkSys router. Check out these videos that demonstrate how to set up and configure a LinkSys router.

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  1. Now I know how to set up a linksys router manually on my computer without calling a help to my bro thanks to the help of this site and most of all thanks to the video you guys had provide.Highly recommended!

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    Thanks for this useful guide on how to setup a linksys router. I didn’t know that I could set it up manually as well, so I tried to rely on the automatic thing which unfortunately failed. But now I know how to access the router via the IP.

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