How to split a video with the free avidemux

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Split, filter and encode videos with Avidemux, that supports several file types including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of video codecs. We earlier made a tutorial on how to rip audio from video.Let us now see how to cut videos using the free Avidemux.

How to split a video with Avidemux?

Here is how you go about cutting videos with Avidemux.First download the free Avidemux from here and extract the contents of the zip to a folder.Then double click the application “avidemux2_qt4″, within the folder, to start editing videos.

  • 1. First load the video file.
Open Video
  • 2. At the bottom of the window, there are two markers: A and B. You can also jump to marker A or B using the Go->Go to Marker A or Go->Go to Marker B menu entries.
  • 3. Click on A to select the start point from where you want to cut the video and B to select the end of the clip. You can confirm the start and end edit positions the frame displayed at the bottom of the screen, under the Selection section. Obviously, marker A can’t come after marker B. If you try to set marker A to a frame after marker B, Avidemux will set marker B to that point, and marker A to the frame after where marker B used to be. So, for example, if marker A is at frame 0 and marker B is at frame 10, then you set marker A to frame 20, Avidemux will actually put marker A at frame 11 and marker B at frame 20.
Rip Audio from Video, Extract Video
  • 4. Click on the Audio option in the left side panel and choose the video codec you want to use. There are several video codecs that you can use to encode the video
    • 5. You can then save selected video stream by going to File=>Save=>Save Video. Every frame from marker A to marker B will be saved, excluding the frame at marker B. Mathematically speaking, the set of frames saved is [A,B).
    Save video
    • 5. To remove or delete the marked selection, go to Edit and choose Delete to remove frames from [A,B) from the stream. It can be used, for example, to remove commercials from a video capture. Avidemux will make sure to keep the audio in the stream in sync with the video, unless you have an external audio source.

    When doing cutting or deleting, if the video has an external audio source, Avidemux will not cut sections of the external audio to synchronize or match the video timing. A good work around for the external audio source problem is to edit the video two times using Avidemux.

    • First, use Avidemux to add the external audio source and then save your video
    • Second, now the external audio source is internal audio source in the video you saved. Open the saved video in Avidemux and it will now automatically sync the audio with the video when you do edits.

    If you are editing a file with variable bitrate audio, run Audio->Build VBR Time Map before you do any editing. Otherwise your audio will be out of sync.

    Autosplit the video

    You can also do some advanced video cutting by using File->AVI Muxer Options, and specifying a file size in megabytes. Each time that file size is reached and an intra frame is present, Avidemux will create a new file. Thus, you will end up with foo.avi.1, foo.avi.2 etc.As the new file must begin at an I-frame, the file size you specify is only accurate to within about 5 megabytes.

    Avidemux is a good free tool to split a video and to rip audio from a video. You can also check out the free video cutter and the free Easy video splitter.

    Check out other free software to download streaming video and capture streaming audio.

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