Privnote, a HTTPS protocol service, to share private messages

Privnote is a service, over HTTPS protocol, that lets you send/share private notes (messages), over the web. Privnote does not require any registration and it lets you easily send private notes (messages) over the Internet, that will get destroyed (self destructed) after being read.

How does Privnote work?

To create a private note, simply write your note (message) and grab a link to your note (message).Send this link to someone with whom you want to share. The best part here is, once the receiver reads the note, it gets destroyed automatically. Thereby your private (secret?.) message can only be read by the intended recipient once but he cannot propagate the note.Privnote also notifies you when the receiver of your note reads it.

How does Privnote help?

Privnote helps you share a private message, over the internet, with your recipients (friends, family etc.) without any fear of it getting spread across. Privnotes that you created can also be destroyed by yourself by clicking the link. This will help in situations where you send a note and suddenly regret having done so. Note that is also a service offered via HTTPS – Hyper text transfer protocol over secure socket layer

Wow 🙂 Isn’t Privnote cool, eh? Go ahead and share private messages/notes with Privnote

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