Ideal posting frequency to drive traffic to your blog

The question that is quite often asked by both experienced and blog beginners are,

  • what is the ideal posting frequency to drive traffic to my blog?
  • should I post daily to keep getting good traffic and increase the subscriber count?
  • Can I increase blog traffic and subscriber count without posting?

I had been blogging here since the beginning of this year and did quite a few experimentations on posting strategies and search engine optimization (SEO). I am not yet finished with my experimentations and I love doing them 🙂

Traffic depends upon the blog’s quality, its niche and the posts’ content. I am really excited about Google adsense, analytics integration, as it is going to provide me vital metrics, for my traffic analysis.

Is it quality or quantity that will drive traffic to your site?

This has been a very popular question among bloggers and here is my take on it:

Focus on keyword analysis:

Ideally, every blogger should target a minimum of 75% traffic from search engines. Ofcourse, a decent traffic volume is essential and as a beginner, one should first work towards a volume where alexa would generate traffic charts for his/her blog. In order to build this kind of traffic, one should work on writing quality content with rich keywords.Keyword analysis is vital and should form part of every blogger’s routine, irrespective of the blog’s niche.Focus on high quality keywords within your niche and write a few posts that are well interlinked.

Focus on link building:

Then you should focus on building links to the posts.It would be ideal if one could devote atleast 50% of the time spent on creating articles, in content promotion and building links. There are a variety of ways by which you can build links.Link building is an art by itself and I have just started learning this art.In my blogging journey, I am at a stage where I am focussing on natural incoming links.

Have a posting frequency ideal to your blog’s age and niche:

As regards quantity, it depends upon the age of your blog.During the initial months, focus on high quality posts that are well interlinked and have a reasonably good posting frequency.As you blog matures and you start seeing some regular traffic, increase your time spent on keyword analysis and use high quality but less competitive keywords as building blocks for your content.

But one should also keep in mind that irrespective of the time spent on creating keyword-rich landing pages (as opposed to a number of posts) and building links, it is very difficult to rank every post/page on the search engine.

The other interesting data analysis, that is worth doing is to find out the percentage of posts that brings the bulk of traffic to your site.You will do well, if you could increase this number or percentage of posts. But equally important is to maintain a posting frequency, as may be appropriate to the blog’s age. Blog/Website traffic analysis will let you determine the ideal posting frequency but as a thumb rule one should post more number of well linked articles during the initial stages.An analysis of the traffic metrics would let you identify the keywords for which search engines’ ranking algorithms show more affinity towards your blog. You can then turn towards focussing on creating landing pages that are rich in those keywords, their synonyms and all related topics.

Hope the above blogging tips on posting frequencies and building traffic are useful to you. Continue blogging as long as you are passionate about it.

8 comments on “Ideal posting frequency to drive traffic to your blog

  1. As per my experience, I can say tha…

    1. Update daily to drive good traffic from google.
    2. Don’t update if the content you are posting is a crap. It makes your subscribers to unsubscribe.

  2. Interesting post. A lot of people say you should spend 20% of your time building content and 80% of it promoting what you created. 😉

  3. @pavan, updating daily is something that works for many and that is what even i try to do…but it is even better if we really do some analysis on the traffic metrics and fine tune our posting frequency.This is something that I am still working on, with good results 😉

    Your second point is very valid.Though you use the keywords as building blocks for your content, ensure that the content is informative and nicely presented to the searcher.The searchers should get the right answers for their queries, to the max. extent possible. This could be ensured by making several posts that are related and well interlinked.

    So once you decide upon a few keywords as your building blocks, do some research on those keywords and make several related posts that are well interlinked.A searcher should find an answer in atleast one of those posts.

    If it is such a huge topic, that you cannot write everything about it in your blog, make sure that you link to external pages with good content. The objective should be to make your visitor (searcher) happy.

  4. @lucas,
    The 20:80 ratio for content versus promotion depends upon the age of your blog.Though i have mentioned it as 50:50, it really is for blogs that are relatively younger like mine.

    I am also of the opinion that these ratios are not universal and it really depends upon your niche and blog’s age.Every good blog (one that is unique and that does not vomit/copy others content) has an horoscope/fingerprint of its own, and one should try to understand it for optimizing it.So these ratios are mentioned only to emphasize the importance of those activities.

  5. […] Also getting a page indexed is only a way of entering the search engines’ huge database of pages. For the page to get ranked, it should have good content and a lot of incoming links.Read on how content quality, content promotion and link bilding activities are as vital as posting frequenci….   […]

  6. I don’t write as much as I did when the blog was new. Then I was writing for better search engine indexation as we all know SE is a creature of habit and once it’s trained to crawl your site everyday, it will do it again even when there isn’t a new post. I could be wrong but looking at my stats, Google bot is visiting me everyday.


  7. You are very right Yan.You are quick to analyze 🙂

  8. Good article. I’ve been trying to find that “ideal” balance between quality posts that will drive traffic and more spontaneous posts. Thanks for sharing your take on the issue!

    Do you have an opinion regarding small posts (asides), and whether they are detrimental? I’ve been trying to decide whether I should noindex asides so that I don’t clutter search results with brief posts.

  9. Thanks for the informative article. I am a new blogger and have been trying to determine what is better – more content or more promotion.

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