Install and run WordPress on Windows using XAMPP

Do you have a WordPress blog or site? Are you looking for a method to replicate your WordPress blog in your local Windows environment? This tutorial will provide a step by step guide to install and run WordPress on windows 7, Vista or XP.

Before installing WordPress, you need to download XAMPP for Windows and install it on your computer.This is needed to run Apache and MySQL servers on Windows 7, XP or Vista.

After installing XAMPP, you can download wordpress and extract the zip archive to “htdocs” folder.

Next, create a MySQL database through the “phpMyAdmin” tool in XAMPP interface.

In the “Databases” tab, give a name for your database (“wordpress”), select a collation (“utf8_general_ci”) and click the button “create”. An empty MySQL database by name “WordPress” will be created.

Next, open “wp-config-sample.php” using any text editor and fill in the database details. Enter the name of the database that you created in the previous step for “DB_NAME”. Then enter “root” as the DB_User” and let “DB_PASSWORD” be blank. Save this file as “wp-config.php”.

Next, enter “http://localhost/wordpress” in the browser address bar and press “ENTER” on the keyboard. You will then find the familiar wordpress installation screen.

Fill in all the necessary details like “site Name”, “Password” etc. and click the button “Install wordpress”.

That is it! You can now browse your local wordpress site by entering “http://localhost/wordpress/” in the browser address bar and pressing “ENTER” on the keyboard. However, the new wordpress site in windows will not have any posts except the default “Hello world” post in WordPress. If you do like to duplicate your wordpress site or blog in windows, you will have to download the database and the theme files.

To import your wordpress data, export the database from your server and download it to Windows. You can even download it as a zip or gzip archive.

Then, import the data into your wordpress database in Windows. Navigate to the Import tab in “phpMyAdmin” and choose the downloaded zip or gzip archive to import the data into your wordpress database in windows.

After importing the data, browse the data in “wp-options” table through phpMyAdmin and change the values for “Siteurl” and “home” entries to “http://localhost/wordpress”. From there on, you may also have to log into wordpress using your original wordpress site’s user name and password.These changes are due to the fact that all your previous entries would have been erased during the import.

To use your theme, copy the downloaded theme files to the “htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes” folder in Windows.

If you receive any error while accessing the posts (Single posts), go to “Settings” => “Permalinks” on your wordpress dashboard in Windows and click the button “save”. You will then be able to browse all your posts.

The above is a screen shot of this wordpress site running on Windows 7 using XAMPP.

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