Install ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) on windows

Install ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) on windows vista and XP, straight from ubuntu CD, without any need to manually partition the hard drive.Wubi has now been integrated with ubuntu 8.10 and the installation on windows has been made much simpler.

Earlier we covered how to install ubuntu on windows by downloading Wubi installer. We also covered another tutorial to install ubuntu on a virtual PC setup in windows.

Now this tutorial is on installing ubuntu 8.10 from the ubuntu CD.The installation process takes care of automatically partitioning your hard drive.

How to install ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) on windows?

  • Select “install inside Windows” and follow the simple instructions. From here, the installation is taken care by the integrated Wubi installer and you will find the same screens like installing using Wubi.However, this process uses the Grub Bootloader to start Ubuntu.

Next, you will get to see the following screen:

install ubuntu on windows

  • Set up the installation drive, where you want to install ubuntu 8.10
  • choose your preferred language
  • Set up the desired installation size,depending upon the available disk space
  • choose the ubuntu flavour to install like kubuntu, Xubuntu and Mythbuntu
  • Specify an username and a password for the new account, and click “install”
  • After the installation files are prepared, you will be asked to reboot the PC
  • After reboot, select ubuntu at the boot screen

The Intrepid Ibex installation will finish to completion and the machine will restart again.Now you can choose an operating system to start on your windows boot manager.Here you can choose ubuntu (or any other flavour that you had installed) and start using it.

install ubuntu on windows vista/XP

That is all folks. Kudos to ubuntu, for making making ubuntu installation on windows so easy. Install ubuntu 8.10 and enjoy.

26 comments on “Install ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) on windows

  1. I’ve read good reviews on the new Ubuntu 8.10 package, so I will be installing it as soon as my disc gets delivered.

  2. You can download wubi installer and not wait for it 🙂

  3. Installing Ubuntu at “Drive D:”
    what if “Drive D:” still have some file like movies, mp3, others files…
    will those files be lost when installation?

  4. No.Only the space (installation size) that you specify, is used.

  5. so there will be no data loss?

    my Drive C: is Windows XP
    my Drive D: total size is 40gb
    used space is 20gb
    free space is 20gb

    used space stays intact?

  6. yes….

    how do you think that it will use the used space? Don’t get too worried ad try it if you want…

  7. thanks it worked!

    but i have another concern, after I installed ubuntu into my Drive D: it seems that i can’t accessed previous files in my Drive D: like mp3’s and avi’s.
    I can only accessed my previous files from Drive C:

    how do I accessed/solved this?

  8. You should be able to access them. Are you using XP or vista? Are you able to see all the files in that drive? What happens when you try to open those files?

    If you have enough disk space, you should be getting any problem.

  9. Hello there,

    The Same thing happened to me I installed Ubuntu on my Media HD but now I can not see them 8(, I can see them in Vista Thou, so I guess is a matter of turning something on or off, but I don’t know were to look.

    Thanks in Advance for your help

  10. what you cannot see and where?

    This tutorial is on installation of ubuntu on windows.

    if you are trying to access windows files then you can do so via the Windows partitions available within the directories /host and /media.

    Check out my other article(linked in this post) for using Wubi installer.

  11. Yes, Found them, so sorry to bother you 8(

    You see I’m new with Linux 😉

    Thank you very much for your help!!!!

  12. Original Settings
    windows xp sp2
    Drive C: – windows XP os directory +some files
    Drive D: – files like mp3, avi and etc…

    and now after installing Ubuntu…
    Drive C: – windows XP os directory +some files
    Drive D: – files + “UBUNTU install directory”

    booting up windows XP sp2
    Drive C: – OK
    Drive D: – all files intact +Ubuntu folder(install)

    booting up Ubuntu OS
    Drive C: – seems no problem accessing it
    Drive D: – here’s the problem, i can’t see/accessed any files that belong to the previous drive D:, i only the the ubuntu installation on that drive.

  13. […] Install ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) on windows […]

  14. hi, need help… please…

    have 80gig capacity, with 4 partitions
    C, D, E, F…

    C is where Windows XP Pro is installed..
    i tried to install ubuntu (intrepid) to F (9gig free space) , using power iso, no cd, just within windows.. (cd driver is kinda busted)..

    but when i already booted ubuntu, the orange bar freezes. it bounces off from side to side a couple of times, but after that, it just freezes..

    i also tried hardy heron .. (was that the name?), still the same..

    please help ubuntu experts..
    please email me at

    thanks a million

  15. It sounds so good, I think I’ll try it.

  16. This is a great step foward from (and for) the Ubuntu Community!!!

  17. But what if I try to install ubuntu on a non-windows partition? I tried it and ended up with ubuntu not booting or even not selectable from the vista’s boot loader.

  18. This article was on installing Ubuntu on windows…

  19. Hi, Thanks for the excellent guide. I have the choice of installing as you have described or I could use a conventional dual boot with Ubuntu in a clean 10MByte partition that is available. Will Ubuntu run quicker if it has a ‘real’ disk rather than one emulated via a folder on XP? Are there any other pro/cons one way or the other?

  20. I haven’t really compared dual boot over the technique of installing ubuntu in windows, as explained above. But I will say that the above technique was not at all bad, in terms of performance.

  21. Nice review brother but i want to ask that i want to install only Linux ubuntu 8.10 not in the windows

    Report me if you can

    Thanks in advance


    Muhammad Waqas

  22. I used wubi to install ubuntu on my empty hard disk(298GB). Now I want to increase to used size to contain my whole hard disk not only 10% of it. Can you help me? (I’m new too)

  23. The tutorial is for installing ubuntu in Windows environment. But if you had used Wubi, uninstallation is very easy and you can re-install again.

  24. hi,
    plz help me my PC has C and D two drives each of 40 Gb total 80Gb
    in C i have windows xp and in D i have Vista
    i need to load ubuntu 8.10 so if i load in any of the drives i loose data right [:(] what is the solution of installing the Ubuntu 8.10 without formatting or loosing data?

  25. @rakesh,

    If you have enough free space in C or D then you wouldn’t loose data. Ubuntu 8.10 will only make use unused space to install itself.

  26. i successfully installed ubuntu 8.10 in windows 7. But when i did a reboot, the OS selection screen was missing. My system booted automatically to windows 7.please help?

  27. i successfully installed ubuntu 8.10 in windows vista ultimate . But when i do a reboot, the OS selection screen was missing. My system booted automatically to windows vista so what you suggest and what is wrong ? PLZ email me ASAP as i get frustrated from repeated instalations in different ways !

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