How to install ubuntu on windows easily with wubi

Wubi has now been integrated with ubuntu and this article has been de-indexed.

2 comments on “How to install ubuntu on windows easily with wubi

  1. Question, sirrah: Now that I’ve got a wubi-based xubu install, I’d like to blow away the Windows partition, entirely. Initially, I thought to use gparted, but from your description, it seem that xubu is NOT on a separate partition but rather is another aspect (so to speak) of the windows directory/ies.

    SO I ASK YOU: Is it possible to remove XP from a wubi-based ubuntu system?


  2. Unfortunately, it is not possible. You have actually installed ubuntu on windows. So you cannot get rid of the basic OS, which is windows XP in your case. But why do you want to get rid of Windows XP when you have the option to boot either into Windows XP or Xubuntu? Why are you wasting your XP license?

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