Integrate Outlook with Skype, Yahoo Mail, Facebook and linkedin with Xobni

Xobni is an excellent Microsoft outlook plugin and it is no wonder that Bill Gates called Xobni as the next generation social network.And you will also be surprised to know that this is a free plugin.

With Xobni installed on your Microsoft outlook, finding email conversations, contacts and attachments becomes easier and faster.Xobni integrates Microsoft outlook with popular social networks and it is easier to know any user’s complete social profile.Xobni is now integrated to LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Skype and Hoovers.

Xobni’s Skype integration makes it easy to call phone numbers from Xobni, start a chat from within Xobni, and view the presence of Skype contacts within Xobni. If a chat or a phone call is better than an email response, these actions are just one click away in Xobni.

Xobni Yahoo mail integration now makes Outlook email and Yahoo mail accessible from the Xobni sidebar. Xobni’s integration with Yahoo mail helps complete the communication profile for a person and bring webmail into Microsoft Outlook.

Xobni’s integration with LinkedIn, the world’s largest business social network and Facebook, another popular social networking site, makes it easy to get complete profile information automatically on xobni sidebars in Microsoft outlook.

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With Xobni installed on Microsoft outlook 2007 (or 2003), business and social networking is consolidated in one location and getting profile information had never been so fast and easy.

Free download xobni and experience high class business and social networking.

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