Internet Explorer 9 installation errors and fixes

Are you facing issues with installing Internet Explorer 9? Though Microsoft had released a beta version of IE9, several users faced errors while downloading and installing it! Here we detail some possible reasons and solutions.

Whenever you face any installation issue, the first and foremost step is to make sure whether all the pre-requisites have been met. Microsoft has released the beta version to work only with windows 7 and windows vista service pack 2. However, it is available as a separate download for both 32-bit and 64-bit windows 7 and vista editions. IE9 also works on Windows Server 2008 (x86 and x64) with SP2 or later and Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 or later versions.

Hence, make sure that you computer is running the right Windows OS version, before you download and install Internet Explorer 9. In addition, you must also ensure that a few prescribed KB updates for windows 7 or vista, as the case may be, are installed in your PC.

The best location to download Internet Explorer 9 is mentioned here – IE9 download. The installer mentioned in that page contains all the files that you have to install, if the computer is not connected to the Internet.

You must also ensure that installation of all windows updates are complete and there is no pending “System Restart”.

In windows 7, open System and Security in Control Panel, and then click Windows Update.If there is any update installation in progress, let it complete before installing IE 9. If updates were installed but a system restart has not yet occurred, restart your computer before you try to install Internet Explorer 9. In windows vista, you can do the check by opening “Security” in Control Panel, and then clicking “Windows Update”.

If you still face any issues in installing IE9 beta, you might try disabling any antivirus software running on your PC. The best option would be to wait for Microsoft to release the final version of IE9.

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