Ipad simulator to simulate websites on an Ipad

Ipad Peek is a decent Ipad simulator to simulate how any website or web page looks on an Ipad.

Ipad is the latest gadget introduced by Apple and its usage is on a steady increase. As the number of users using an Ipad to surf the web is on a steady increase, it is definitely worth checking how your website looks on an Ipad.

To simulate the looks of your website on an Ipad, which currently has a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, visit Ipad Peek , enter the URL of the website or web page and hit “ENTER” on your keyboard.

This is how this site looks on an Ipad.

Ipad simulator

You can check your websites in both landscape and portrait modes.Click on the top (see the image) rectangular border of the Ipad simulator to switch between the landscape and portrait modes.

Simulate websites on an Ipad at “Ipad Peek”.

2 comments on “Ipad simulator to simulate websites on an Ipad

  1. I tested iPad Peek but it is not a reliable simulation because it shows Flash video and swf’s which is not possible on an regular iPad.
    I have tested all sorts of simulations and actually none of them are reliable. There is nothing better then asking an iPad owner to test for you, I’m afraid.

  2. Excellent, thanks a lot, i develop in php & js and now i can preview my results easily.

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