Iphone Photo contest by Kelby Training

An iphone photo contest is being conducted by kelbytraining Dot com.

There is a grand prize of $500 Apple Store Gift Card or a $100 iTunes Gift Card along with a copy of the new iPhone Book, Second Edition. You can upoad upto 3 photogagphs, shot via your apple iphone and categorize them under any of the following themes – Family, Pets, Friends, fine Arts and office.

Apart from the grand prize, there are five other prizes, one for each of the above themes. Each of these five winners will receive a $100 iTunes Gift Card and a copy of the iPhone Book Second Edition.iPhone Book is a book on how to use the various iPhone features in simple english supplemented by images.

Scott Kelby and Terry White,, authors of Iphone book will choose the winning entries.The Apple iphone lovers can vote for one winner from each of the five categories on Oct 29 and Oct 30 2008 at the iPhone Photo Contest website.

The iphone photo contest will run until October 24 (11:59pm Eastern) and winners will be notified on Nov 3 by email and on the iPhone Photo Contest website. If you own an iphone and have the ability to click some awesome photos, register here

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