Iphone trojan discovered

Apple’s Iphone was the most talked about gadget in 2007 and it is now being reported that a trojan has arrived for iphone.The trojan target iphones that have been modified to allow installation of third party applications.

This trojan masquerades as an update Erica’s Utilities and is named “113 prep.”Just running the application does not cause any harm.All it does is only print the word “shoes” to the screen. However the trouble starts when you uninstall the application.It removes some important files from the iPhone’s /bin directory, making it impossible for various applications to function correctly.

F-Secure, a security research firm, who confirmed the early user reports were indeed the result of a malicious application, hopes this serves as sobering news to iPhone users wanting to “jailbreak”.

They said:

“Hopefully this serves as a warning for those who have opened their iPhones using a security hole in the system and then installing unverified software without a second thought to what they are doing.”

You wouldn’t believe that the author of the trojan is infact a 11-year-old kid who merely toyed with various XML files to create the malicious app. If a novice could do this,seasoned developers could exploit jailbroken iPhones to a much greater degree.

Apple is almost close to releasing an official iPhone development kit to third-party developers that will bring “authorized” third-party applications to your iphone or ipod.

[ via Macworld UK ]

3 comments on “Iphone trojan discovered

  1. Interesting. A trojan virus that prints “shoe” on the screen.

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  2. Trojan in iPhone? Interesting news.

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  3. yep it was interesting…and i am sure there will be more to come 🙂

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