JILetters helps children learn the English alphabets

JILetters is a python based free open source tool, that will help children learn English alphabets.JILetters reflects a method where the phonics are represented only in sound, and nothing else. Children should only be hearing the pure sound that each phonic represents and nothing else. Moreover, these ‘pure’ phonics can be built up more easily to form whole words.

The method behind JILetters is even recommended by the department for children,schools and families in U.K.

JILetters for children

JILetters program now uses cursive script to present the letters of the alphabet, and the audio is now phonic based. This is the currently preferred teaching style in some schools within the UK.

Help (ed)ubuntising JILetters:

JILetters can be a great tool to be included in Edubuntu but it does not yet have a package for (Ed)ubuntu and the default installer doesn’t run automa(g/t)ically. A request has been placed by my friend Prem to implement an (ed)ubuntu package of jiletters. I take this opportunity to request python experts help us on this project.

Download JILetters:

Free download JILetters, version 0.0.6 from sourceforge.

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