Language translation from your desktop with Free language Translator

Translate text content right from your desktop with Free language Translator. This is a free desktop language translation software for windows that converts any text content using the Google translation service.

Earlier we covered a free Word translation tool – DocTranslate to easily and quickly translate word documents and powerpoint files.

How to use Free language Translator?

This free language translator has a simple and an easy to use interface.You can translate any word or text content easily in a few steps.

  • Open a text document or paste any text to translate on the left most window panel. However you can set the orientation of the panels from the combo box on the status bar
  • select the “From” and “To” languages
  • click on the “Translate” and select one of the options from the menu

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You can further create your custom dictionary to correct the online language translation and save them for further use. In order to add an entry to your Custom Dictionary, select the text to be corrected, right click in the translation panel and select “Add to Custom Dictionary”. You will be able to make further changes manually by typing into the translation panel while tracking the synchronized original panel.

The custom language dictionary can be easily used in future by selecting “Translate and use Custom Dictionary” menu option.

The language Translator’s status bar also displays an optional empiric quality of translation. Note that Selecting a smaller page size increases the translation time a little bit, but for large amount of text, the tool improves translation accuracy and synchronization between the original and translation panels.

The translated text can be copied to clipboard, by right clicking on the translation panel and choosing “Copy Selection”. You can also save it as a file using the “Save File” icon in the toolbar.

Download Free language Translator from hereand enjoy translating text/words right from your desktop .

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