Improve laptop battery life with vista battery saver

Improve your laptop battery life with vista battery saver.If you are using windows vista on your laptop, you would have noticed your laptop battery draining out quickly and frequently.

Windows vista uses high battery power, because of its rich graphical user interface including vista Aero interface and vista sidebar applications.Vista battery saver lets you turn off these battery intensive vista applications, namely, vista aero interface and windows vista sidebar.

Vista battery saver also gives an option to deactivate the vista aero interface, only when the battery level is less than a percentage specified by you.However if you ever intend to reactivate vista aero interface, you must connect to an AC power supply.

laptop batter saver for vista

Vista battery saver can also be configured to start when windows vista starts up.Note that vista throws up notification messages, whenever vista aero interface is deactivated or reactivated.However these can also be turned off via vista battery saver.

Free download Vista battery saver and improve your laptop battery life.

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