Laptop Computers – How to choose a Laptop Computer?

Do you intend buying laptop computers? Are you wondering on how to choose a laptop computer? Are you looking for some good recommendations?

If you are looking for a computer with a decent processor, RAM and storage to play your favorite games or run any other application, but you have some constraints with respect to budget and other factors, then here is an excellent Microsoft recommendation tool to scout for notebook, laptop and computers.

The windows PC Scout tool for students is an interactive tool which will recommend the right computer that meets your needs. Microsoft has designed this tool with the students in mind, but it is nonetheless a great tool for anyone intending to buy a computer.Thus, anyone can use this tool and the interactive guide even gives you a quick short course on laptop basics, before you scout for the best laptop or computer that match your needs.

Their interactive guide gives you personalized recommendations. It will recommend the right PC based on your needs like “Uses”, “portability”, “budget”, “tech specs” and more.Check out the interactive guide here.

To get your recommendations, go to laptop computers recommendation tool and adjust the filters on the left for various selection criteria like “Budget”, “Screen Size’, ‘Processor”, “RAM”, “Storage”, “Weight” and “Video Memory”.

As you move the slider for each one of those basic and important selection filters, the tool will automatically display the recommended laptop computers! You may also find some advanced filters like “Brands”, “Graphics and video” ( TV tuner only, High end graphics only, Blu-ray only), “Processor” (Intel or AMD), “Style” (laptop with color choices, Fashionable laptops) and other options like “64-bit laptops only”, “Windows live included”, “Touchscreen” and so on.

If you already know what you want, you can pick the usage category like “Mobile studio”, “Movies on the go”, “Power Gaming”, “Work anywhere” and “Netbook PC”, to see which laptop computers are recommended.

Enjoy the windows PC scout tool to buy notebook, laptop, computers and more.

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