Turn off laptop display and enhance battery life

Save power by turning OFF your laptop display with m_off. This is a free utility to turn OFF your laptop display when you are not using the display and thereby enhance the laptop battery life.

There may be occasions where you use the laptop for listening to music, downloading files or programs etc. These are examples of usages where you really don’t want the laptop monitor to be turned on. Use m_off to turn off the laptop display and save power.

How to Turn off laptop Monitor in windows vista/XP ?

  • Free download m_off on to any desired location and unzip the contents
  • Create a shortcut to m_off.exe by right clicking on it and selecting “Create shortcut”
  • Right click the shortcut and assign a hotkey. You can assign any key combination as a hotkey. Here I had chosen Ctrl+Alt+M
Enhance laptop battery life

That is all folks! Now whenever you want to turn off laptop display, simply press the hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+M) and the laptop display is switched off automatically. If you want to turn ON your monitor, just use your touch-pad or press any key on your laptop.

Thanks to Manu Mohan (developer) for this energy saving software.

8 comments on “Turn off laptop display and enhance battery life

  1. Great program!
    Thanks for the tip- wanted this function for a long time as not provided on my Dell Inspiron 1520 (Fn+F8 only switches to external display, and if none attatched, returns to LCD)


  2. Great tip!

    Most users fail to take good care of their laptops. It is refreshing to know that many are contributing to new innovations that would extend the battery life and in consequence the laptop as well.It is not only beneficial to the users for money purposes or practicality but it also contributes in making our world greener. Think about it less energy used means less waste produced.

  3. Awesome little app. I’m having a problem with the keyboard shortcut though. I set it to Ctrl+Alt+M, but when i press that combination, nothing happens. What do i do??? (i’m using Vista)

  4. Try using another combination.Maybe that key combination is used for something else on your laptop.

  5. I fixed it. I had the shortcut in the quick launch bar, but when i moved it to the desktop, Ctrl+Alt+M started working! yay

  6. I made another version of the same which will lock the workstation too.


  7. Is there a way that we need to press some key combination to get the display back on? I hook it up with a big external LCD and work on the LCD, but the lappy display is still on. So I want the display keep off even I am typing, moving mouse, etc. Thanks.

  8. Thank you so much. 🙂 This is just what I was looking for. 🙂

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