How to link Yahoo Messenger 11 to Facebook and Twitter?

We had earlier told you about the availability of the new Yahoo Messenger 11 beta, sporting a more social interface. Being a beta, there are a few bugs and hopefully these will be plugged in the final release.But overall, it has been a nice attempt by yahoo to make its IM client more social.

Windows live messenger was the first instant messenger to get more social and you can now download windows live messenger 2011 full offline installer (popularly known as msn messenger). It is still a lot better than yahoo messenger, when it comes to social platform integration with facebook and twitter. However, if you are more comfortable with Yahoo messenger, here is how you can link your facebook and twitter accounts with yahoo IM.

Link Yahoo Messenger to Facebook

To get started, download yahoo messenger 11 and install it on your computer.After installing it, open the IM client and sign in to your yahoo account.You will then find a link to facebook.You could click on it to sign in to your facebook account and allow Yahoo, access to your information on facebook.

link yahoo to facebook

What I don’t like here is facebook giving access to almost everything to third party apps like Yahoo, and there is no way to control what can be shared.This is all what you could get online these days and if you do like to protect your privacy, you could achieve it only by not sharing any of your critical information online.

Link Yahoo Messenger to Twitter

Though Yahoo messenger 11 provides a visible direct link to facebook, if you do like to link your twitter account, it is not so direct! Here is how you can link your twitter account.

Click your profile image on the top left and then click “Manage my updates” (refer the above image). You will then be taken to the Yahoo Pulse page, where you will find the option to link your twitter account.

manage linked accounts

After linking your facebook and twitter accounts, you could share your status updates from yahoo messenger to your facebook wall or to your twitter account or both! You could also chat with your facebook connections from yahoo messenger, by simply right clicking their names on the IM client!

share updated from yahoo messenger

If you do like to unlink twitter or facebook from your yahoo messenger, go to “Manage my updates” and click “Remove”.

However, Yahoo messenger 11 is still in beta and the currently available stable version is Yahoo Messenger 10Download Yahoo Messenger 10.

2 comments on “How to link Yahoo Messenger 11 to Facebook and Twitter?

  1. I successfully linked my Yahoo account to Facebook and I want to share my status updates, but when I go to “Share to”, Facebook isn’t there.

  2. Take a look at the image in the post. If you had linked yahoo messenger to facebook, you should be seeing something similar.

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