Lock File with All File Locker

Are you looking for a free software to lock files? You can try this freeware called the All File Locker, which works on any kind of file and it can both password protect and encrypt files.

Features of All file Locker

The following are the features of All File Locker.

  • All File locker helps in Password protecting any type of files.
  • It supports locking of files of all types i.e. Doc files, Docx files, PDF files, photos, music files, text files etc.
  • You can either password protect files or use any file as a key file to lock the file and protect it.

How to lock files with All File Locker?

Select the file to lock by clicking “Choose File to Lock“. Next, select either the “Lock by Key File” or “Lock by Password” method. If you choose to password protect the file, set a strong password. Confirm the password by entering it again. Finally, press the button LOCK to lock the file. Before locking the file, you may even choose to encrypt file through the options tab.

The other method to lock the file is by using a key file. This method requires you to keep the key file in a safe location to ensure that it is not accidentally deleted.

If you choose to use a key file, click the Choose Key File button, and select any file on your computer as a key file. Next, press the LOCK key to lock the file with the specified key file. Make sure that you save the key file in a safe location. If you loose the key file or if it gets destroyed otherwise, you may not be able to unlock the locked file.

After pressing the LOCK button, the software will create a locked file with the same name but with a .exe extension. The freeware will also prompt you to confirm on whether to retain the original file or delete it.You can either choose to retain or delete it. The best strategy would be to back up the file to a CD or DVD or any other safe location and then choose to delete the original file. After you choose an appropriate option, the program will lock the file.

Lock File with All File Locker

How to unlock files?

To unlock the file, double click the EXE file. If you had password protected the file, you may have to enter the correct password to unlock and open it. If you had locked the file with a key file, you must choose the key file to unlock and open the file.

Unlock Files

If you like to share the locked file with a few others, you may share the password protected EXE file and the password to unlock it. If you had used a key file, you may also have to share the key file along with the EXE file, for them to unlock and open it.

Free download All File locker to password protect files and lock them.

If you are looking for a free software to lock folders in Windows, you may try the free sofonica folder locker. You may also check out this free software to hide folders in Windows.

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