How to Lock Folder in Windows

Lock Folder in Windows with the free “Sofonica Folder Lock software“. This can be used to password protect and lock any folder in Windows.

How to Download and install Free Sofonica Folder?

Download Free Sofonica Folder from here and install it on your PC. This software works on Windows 7, vista, XP and all older versions of Windows.

When Sofonica Folder Lock is run for the first time after installation, you will be asked to set a password. Ensure that you set a strong password of minimum six characters length.

Click the “Sofonica Folder Lock” icon in the system tray to access it, whenever you want to lock any folder in Windows. It will ask you to confirm the password that you set after installation. Once you enter the correct password, the main window of “Sofonica Folder Lock” is displayed.

Lock Folder in Windows

How to lock a folder in Windows?

  • Select a windows folder that you intend to lock from the upper part of the main program window.
  • Double click the chosen folder and
  • click on the Down arrow icon to move it to the protected folders list.

Repeat the above three steps until you have chosen all windows folders you want to lock. Finally click on the “Lock Folders” button. That is all! Once a windows folder is locked, no user can access the folder unless it is unlocked again.

To unlock any folder, choose the folder in protected folders list and click on “Unlock Folders” button. To move any folder (unlocked) from the protected folders list, click on the folder and choose the upper arrow key icon. It is important to note that you must remove a folder from the protected folders list, only after unlocking such folder.

Make use of this free Sofonica Folder Lock Software to lock folder in windows. If locking isn’t enough for you, You can check out another free software to hide folder in Windows. If you have the need to rename Windows files and folders, Check out this free File Folder Renamer for Windows..

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