Password protect and lock folder in windows vista

Lock folders and files in Vista and windows XP with “My folder”.A free version of My Folder is also available to password protect folders and files in windows vista and XP.

With My Folder, you can easily password protect and lock folder and its files, on the local hard drive of your PC.Thereby, you can restrict access to confidential data from your friends, kids, co-workers and even administrators!

With powerful and sophisticated encryption technologies behind this free program, any file or folder can be locked and password protected. Thus none can read the locked files or folders, even in safe-mode or DOS mode or by booting using any other operating system (OS).

My folder can also be simultaneously used by one or more users to password protect and lock their respective files or folders. The password protection to lock folder and its files, is independent of user permissions.

This software requires microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher. If you do not have it installed on your PC, download and install the framework from Microsoft website.

Free download My folder , install, password protect and lock folder in windows vista.

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