Send mails via gmail, from mailto hrefs in Chrome

Chrome mailer is a free software, to make “mailto” hrefs open a Gmail compose window, from google chrome browser, with a single click.All you have to do is click a “mailto:” link in the google chrome browser. Note that “mailto:” links does not open Gmail, by default, in Google chrome.Clicking them will open the windows default mail client.

Chrome mailer is extremely small in size (just 212 KB) and requires Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 to work.Chrome mailer works on both windows XP and vista.However on vista, you need administrator rights to install, and UAC must be disabled. You can easily tweak vista to disable UAC.

If you are a frequent Gmail user, improve your productivity by using Chrome mailer in google chrome.Free download chrome mailer

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  1. I installed and ran the progam but I am still having trouble getting it to work properly. when i click an email link it gives me an error about the program encountering a problem and needing close ( any ideas on what i am doing wrong? thanks, Arjun

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