How to make a 3D avatar from your photo for free

Do you want to make a 3D avatar of yourselves? Then head over to Evolver, create great looking 3D avatars and have fun sharing it on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogger and more.

If you have the time, Evolver is definitely a cool platform to spend time making 3D avatars. All you need is a passport size photo, which fulfills to following requirements.

  • The photo should show a clear front view with your nose pointing at the camera.
  • Mouth must be closed and in a relaxed expression.
  • Eyes must be wide open and looking straight ahead.
  • The entire face must be in the photo.
  • Flash lighting is preferred, but should not be overly bright.
  • Images must be in color.
  • Glasses must be removed.
  • Hair should not cover the forehead.
  • Avoid shadows on the face.

The photo should be a JPEG image, with a minimum height of 600px and a minimum size of 100kb. It is recommended for the photo to have a height of 400px or more between eyes and chin and a size greater than 500kb.When you are ready with an appropriate passport size photo, you are all set to create a clone, which can be then be used to create a 3D avatar.

How to make a 3D avatar?

To create a clone, register at and upload the photo from your PC. Choose the gender for the clone (Male or Female), confirm your digital rights to the uploaded image and click the “Upload Photo” button.

create 3D avatar from photo

After uploading the photo, place guide points over it as accurately as possible.You should be placing 11 guide points, which satisfy the following requirements.

  • The eye points should be in the center of the eyes.
  • The outer cheekbone points should be inside of any side burn hair.
  • The nose flap points should be on the outermost edges of the nose flaps.
  • The outer jaw points should be horizontally in line with the mouth corner points. It does NOT matter where the neck profile intersects the face profile.
  • The chin point should be at the bottom center of the chin.

Then click the “Clone” button and Evolver will start processing the image to create a clone. The processing may take time. Until then, you may proceed to “avatar builder” by clicking the “Go to Avatar” button and either create your own avatar or choose a “pre-made avatar” for applying on top of the photo clone.

Evolver lets you customize the face, skin, eyes, Hair, Body and clothing of any “pre-made avatar’. You can either use a slider to blend the features of two ancestors or choose to eliminate one of the ancestors. After customizing the various aspects, click “Save” to save the customized avatar with an appropriate name.

Customize avatar

Once your clone is ready, you will be notified by email. Navigate to “clone” tab and click on “Use” against one of the clones you prefer to use for generating the final avatar. You will receive a pop up as shown below.

avatar clone

The clone’s face, skin and eyes will be applied to the avatar you choose. You may either choose to create a brand new avatar or use an existing one. You may then use a slider to control the extent to which the clone’s features may be applied on it. When you are done, you may the save the avatar.

The avatar will be available in four different sizes and you may proceed to create a still JPG image, an animated GIF image or a High quality FLV Video from it.

You may then use the resulting avatar on your social networking profiles.

Avatar for facebook

Enjoy making free 3D avatars at Evolver.

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