Make Calendar 2011 (Photo Calenders)

With the New Year fast approaching, many of you may be looking for calenders for the next year. If you are looking for a solution to create printable photo calendars, you may try EZ Photo Creations.

EZ Photo Creations is a cool software to make custom photo calendars. Photo calendars are not only great for showcasing your favorite photos but also to remember birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates. You can share them with your friends and relatives and make it easy for everyone to remember important family events and dates. Photo calendars also make terrific new year gifts. You may use any photo that you own to create the calendar.

How to Make Calendar with EZ Photo Creations?

To use this software for creating photo calendars, you need not have to possess any special designing skills or knowledge. You can create a calendar for any month or year with this software. Find below the steps to create a photo calendar with this tool.

  • After downloading and installing EZ Photo Creations, launch the application.
  • Next, choose the project you want to work on, namely Photo Calendars. Note that you can also create Photo Books, Photo Cards (Personalized Cards) or Photo Posters with this software.
  • After choosing the type of project give a name to the project and select the initial month and year for the photo calendar. Then click “OK”.
Make Calendar
  • Drag and drop the photos on the interface of the software.
  • Then, choose a layout for the calendar i.e. a photo page layout and a date page layout.
  • Next, choose a background theme for the calendar from a collection of more than 100 readily available themes. You can even create a new theme using your image as the background or edit an existing theme.
  • Next, choose the Date sets to print and any imprint info. Note that you can choose a different theme for each month.
  • You may then customize the color of your calendar elements including weekday header bar, photo borders, etc.
  • You may then customize any text that appears on the screen.
  • You may also add dates, event, clip art and more.
CalendarsPhoto Calendar for 2010

EZ Photo Creations also includes a few basic image editing tools and effects to improve the quality of images. Once you finish making a Photo Calendar, you can order as many printed copies as you want from within EZ Photo Creations. However, the calendars that you create, cannot be exported to any other image format.

EZ Photo Creations works on Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP. Free download EZ Photo Creations from here.

Make Calendar 2011 with EZ Photo Creations, a free software to create printable photo calendars..

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  1. There is nothing I love more than making calendars. It is great to add your own photos (representing family memories) and really personalize it. This looks like a great program. I will have to give it a try next time I create a calendar. Thanks for the great tip.

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