Make icons with free icon editor Pixelformer

Make icons for your iphone or windows vista with Pixelformer.You can create cool animated icons with this wonderfully rich and free icon editor.

We earlier covered how to make iphone themes with iphone theme maker.We also covered iThemeit to create your own iphone themes.You can use pixelformer to create those cool icons for your iphone themes and it is free too.

Make icons with free cool icond editor

Pixelformer is an advanced editor, for creating and editing icons, avatars, buttons, and any small images.It is a complete icon editor, from which you can either create new icons or edit those favourite icons of yours, to suit your style.Pixelformer even supports layers and lets you create/make icons of any size.Pixelformer has all the unique features needed to create iconic images.It is thus a better and user friendly editor for icons, than the generic photo editors.

Features of Pixelformer – Free icon editor:

  • no restrictive limits for image dimensions
  • multiple layer support
  • multiple file format support
  • PNG size optimization
  • Vista icon optimization
  • extensible architecture
  • deep undo buffer
  • support for different color depths up to 32-bit RGB with alpha channel
  • semi-transparent colors
  • free-form masking
  • in-place supersampling
  • lossless target color depth switching
  • independent access to color and alpha channels
  • dynamic palette generation
  • alpha premultiplication

Download Pixelformer and start making those cool icons for your iphone or windows vista.

You can also try Toycon to make icon on the fly.

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  1. Cool, the features are interesting I’m checking it out. Thanks for sharing.

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