How to make windows USB Boot disk for XP, 7 and Vista

Here is yet another tool to make a Windows USB installer from any windows DVD or CD or even a windows ISO.This freeware is called WinToFlash and it does make the job of moving the windows installation setup to a flash drive easier.

WinToFlash is a portable tool i.e. it needs no installation on your PC and you can carry it in any removable media and use it on any other PC. WinToFlash can be used to create windows USB boot drive for windows 7, windows XP, Vista, windows 2003 and more. It can also be used transfer pre-installed Environments (PE’s) to a flash drive. It is a small and simple application and you will see here how easy it is to create a windows USB installer using this tool. All you need a 4GB flash drive. Before using the flash drive, ensure that its content is backed up.

How to make windows USB Boot disk for XP, 7 and Vista?

  • Free download wintoflash from here and extract the contents to a folder on your PC
  • Insert the Windows installer DVD into DVD drive (optical drive) and plug in a 4GB flash drive into your PC’s USB slot
  • Find and run WinToFlash.exe from the folder in which you extracted the downloaded software.Read and accept the “End user license agreement”.
  • Go to the “Advanced Mode” tab on the WinToFlash main screen and choose the windows setup you want to transfer to the flash drive as a bootable USB installer and click “Run”. In this tutorial we demonstrate how to transfer a pre-installed windows xp environment to an USB drive, as we covered a tutorial on windows 7 USB installer creation with another tool earlier.However, note that this tool can be used for most windows versions
windows usb boot drive
  • Next, go to the Welcome tab of wintoflash, click on the Window Setup Transfer Wizard and follow the instructions of the wizard. Note that you can even click Run from the “Advanced mode” tab
Make USB Boot disk for Windows XP
  • Select the folder where you have the windows setup against the “windows(PE) files path” and the “USB Drive“. Click Next
USB boot disk for Windows
  • Accept the windows license agreements and continue to follow the instructions on the wizard.
  • You will be shown a message warning you that the tool will format your pen drive and all data on it may be lost.If you already have the content backed up, click Ok to trigger the Windows USB installer creation process. Ihis will take some time and after completion you will be shown the Done message

That is it!You will now have a windows USB installer for windows.

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