How to Merge PDF Files?

Are you looking for a method to merge PDF Files? One common problem that several people search for solutions is to merge several small PDF files into one large single PDF document.

The freeware from Adolix can not only be used to split PDF files, but it can also be used to merge PDF files into one whole PDF document.It is very simple to combine PDF files using Adolix.Find below the steps to merge PDF files using this tool.

How to Merge PDF Files?

  • Free download the Adolix tool from here. Double click the downloaded exe file to install the tool.
  • Next, open the tool through “Start” => “Programs” and switch to the “Merge” tab
Merge PDF Documents
  • On the Merge tab, Click on the button “+” on the top right to browse the computer folders and open the PDF files, that you want to merge, one by one.
  • Next, Specify an output folder and a file name for the merged PDF file.
  • Finally, click “Merge Files“.

Adolix will automatically merge PDF files into one single document and save it to the specified output folder in the specified name.

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