Meta ROBOTS Tag (Index,Follow,Noindex,NoFollow) in Platinum SEO Plugin

Some of you may wonder why you need post/page level options to set HTML meta robots tag? Platinum SEO provides these options for a few reasons. Read on to find out why? I plan to enhance this further, in this wordpress plugin.

Why does Platinum SEO plugin offer post/page level options to set meta robots tags?

A wordpress site owner should have an easier way to say whether a particular post/page should be indexed or not.This option is particularly useful when you want to tell the search engines, not to index a particular post or page. It is also useful when you want to tell search engines like Google or Yahoo, to not hold that particular post/page in their index, anymore.In other words, this option simplifies the task of placing a request to the search engines, to remove a particular post/page from their index.

Likewise this option lets you easily tell the search engine spiders, whether links in a particular post/page should be followed or not.For example, you may like to create a sponsored post/page on your site.Unfortunately, some important search engines like Google do not like to see sponsored posts. Google insists that you nofollow all sponsored links.The meta “index,nofollow” option lets you index the post/page content but nofollow all sponsored links on that post/page.

The above are two example scenarios where you will find this post/page level option, to set meta robots tag (Index, Follow, Noindex, NoFollow), really useful.

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  2. […] options are not available in All in one SEO Pack.Find out why this option to set post/page level Meta Robots Tag […]

  3. […] options are not available in All in one SEO Pack.Find out why this option to set post/page level Meta Robots Tag […]

  4. Will this work for my affilliate links on posts and pages??

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  7. Hi

    1. I can not find anywhere here where you can set the robots no-archive tag. I am more then happy for robots to log the content but Idonot want them to cache content.How do I turn it off usiing SEO.

    2. How can I review the search map and path that a robot may take when travelling though my site?

  8. Robots Noarchive tag can be set at post/page level as you do for the post/page level meta index tags.

    Find the option under the head “Platinum SEO Pack” when you create or edit your wordpress post/page in your wordpress administration.

  9. I wonder if I should let google follow or nofollow on posts/pages that cross-link to other posts or pages. isn’t that what is called double content. so shouldn’t I always use nofollow? I’ve been reading about this issue for a while now but not find the right answer.
    For now I leave “index/follow” default for all posts!!

  10. Does the plugin allow a different rewritten title on separate pages? I am trying to configure it, but I don’t think it will allow this.

    Any thoughts from anyone on how to achieve this with this plugin?

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  12. Hello there,

    Great plugin. One small issue:

    As the robots META tag is set both per page and site-wide, this is what happens:

    meta name=”robots” content=”index,follow”

    and then…

    meta name=”robots” content=”index,follow,noodp,noydir”

    I would rather have a single robots tag with the correct content. Is there a way to do this? I would prefer to not have a default on the per-page option (maybe have one radio button be something like “only use site directives”).

    Your thoughts on this are appreciated.


  13. There is no per page thingy in this plugin. Check your theme’s header.php which must be adding it by default or you have some other plugin that does that…

  14. But when some sponsored posts are held , they also insist us to use do follow and then we do use it there , maybe google is too concerned about their algorithms and the PR stuff and doesnt want anyone to mishandle it .

  15. can u share the setting of meta robot .php setting??

  16. What is the risk if i don’t use this or I make a mistake in choosing one?

  17. The default is “index, follow” and so you don’t have to worry. But when you explicitly choose another option like say, “noindex, follow” or “index, nofollow” for certain posts, you will have to make sure that you had chosen the right one for your specific needs.

  18. Can anyone tell how generate an SEO friendly robots.txt file online?

  19. The content of robots.txt file varies from one site to another depending on the folder structure on your server. If you are using wordpress and the default folders that it provides, you can easily search for some good robots.txt sample files.

    You can also generate your own robots.txt file and test it. There are several online tools for this. Google webmaster tools also has an utility for you to test your robots.txt file.

  20. This is very helpful information for me Thanks for this site.

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