Microsoft® Task Market: A platform to outsource (offshore) small jobs and make money online

Microsoft has launched a new task market, where people with tasks (jobs) can find people with the know-how to accomplish them. Microsoft® Task Market is a new Technology website, that gives an opportunity for people to advertise their tasks worth $20 to $500 and get them done by people sitting elsewhere in the world.

Microsoft® Task Market is a very novel concept. It is beneficial for both people with jobs to be done and for people, who have the necessary skills to carry out those jobs.

For every person who throws up both hands at the prospect of creating a complex formula in Microsoft Excel, somewhere in the world there’s another person who can make it look easy. For every poor proofreader, there’s an expert one out there who wouldn’t mind making a few extra dollars. For every small business owner who doesn’t have time to do background research on a new business prospect, there’s a talented researcher who could quickly put together a dossier.

Thus people with small tasks, but who either do not have the skills or the time to carry out them on their own, can accomplish those tasks, with the help of professional support from people elsewhere in the world, at competitive rates and within a specified timeframe.It is as good as outsourcing (offshoring) your small tasks. Outsourcing (offshoring) involves cost and it is not easy for small companies or firms or individual business owners to do such outsourcing (offshoring) on their own. Microsoft® Task Market serves as a viable platform for small bussiness owners or individuals with tasks, to achieve outsourcing (offshoring), in a cost effective manner.Microsoft® Task Market thus saves them, time and money.

Microsoft® Task Market also serves as a platform, for people with skills, to earn some part-time money, by carrying out the jobs advertised therein. It is in fact a great way for people with skills and time, to earn some decent money online.

Task Market is currently in the Technology Preview stage. During this stage, the developers at Microsoft Research are investigating the breadth of user adoption, and are also soliciting ideas on how to improve this innovative platform.

Task Market is thus a market of Task Posters and Task Solvers to help people get their office tasks done. According to the creators of this platform:

A Task Market Task is:

  • Something that can be done for $20 to $500
  • Something that the Task Poster could use help doing
  • Something that can be delivered electronically, like a Microsoft Office document, language translation, letter writing, an aspect of their accounting, making a PowerPoint presentation “pretty”, graphics, charts, formatting or logos, research gathering, proofreading, building sell sheets, listing sheets or simple brochures or even fact checking

Task Market Solvers create profiles of their skills, to help Posters assign tasks to Solvers with the right skill sets, and get email alerts when a job arrives that fits their skillsets. Posters can award and pay several solvers for tasks to compare results, and give more work to the ones they like. All these can be accomplished without the commitment of a freelance engagement.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a job to outsource, go advertise them on the Microsoft® Task Market platform or if you have the time and skills earn some cool money by carrying out the jobs advertised.

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