Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP

Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows xp

– Windows Security Essentials or Microsoft Security Essentials is a free antivirus and anti-spyware software for Windows XP i.e SP2 and SP3. It is however not available for Windows XP SP1 or earlier versions of windows.

Microsoft (Windows) Security Essentials Features

Download Microsoft Security Essentials for windows XP

Though there are several antivirus products for windows, microsoft decided to release its own free antivirus software for home users and small businesses, ever since it released windows 7! It is not only free but is also an excellent alternative to several commercial and free antivirus software. Unlike Internet Explorer 9, microsoft security essentials is available for windows xp and this is a good move, as there are still several windows xp users worldwide!

Here are some prominent features of Microsoft Security Essentials.

  • Lightweight design and smart resource utilization with features like CPU throttling
  • An easy to use interface that can be easily installed and set up by even the average PC users
  • Provides real-time protection against threats like viruses, malware, spyware, adware, trojan, rogue security software, root-kits, key-loggers and worms.
  • MSE is backed by Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center (MMPC), which researches all the latest viruses and threats to computers and provides world class solutions to defend against it.
  • Being a product from Microsoft, it works wonderfully with any Windows OS including Windows 7, windows XP and Vista.
  • The virus definitions are automatically kept up-to-date through the windows update engine.You can however update it manually.

Microsoft Security Essentials – Free Download

Microsoft Security Essentials has got several positive feedback all around the web and if you are on windows 7, then you should give this a try. However, this free software is available only for genuine users of Windows XP (SP2 and above) i.e. users who hold a valid license to run Windows XP on their computers.

Free download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP.

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