Mind Mapping with Edraw Mind Map

Create diagrammatic representation of all your thoughts or ideas using a Mind Map. Mind Mapping is the process of creating quick diagrams to structure all the ideas that you conceptualize for any of your projects. Mind map often serves as a tool that assists you in any problem solving or decision making process.

Mind Mapping or brainstorming diagrams typically involves laying down a central idea and building up new and related ideas around it. With Mind maps, you are mapping knowledge or ideas written in your own words and creating branches and connections between them. This diagrammatic representation helps you understand and remember all you ideas in a visual manner.

Edraw Mind Map is a very good freeware to create complete flow charts and mind maps. This freeware has several ready-made templates from which you can easily create the charts and diagrams. You can also create your diagrams from scratch using Edraw Mind Map. The tool allows you to import a large number of file formats into your diagrams and you can also save your diagrams in EXE, HTML, JPG, PDF, and many other formats.

Mind Mapping with  Edraw Mind Map

Using Edraw Mind Map is as easy as dragging and dropping pre-defined graphical elements like shapes, arrows, small graphics, symbols etc., into the mind map that you create. Edraw Mind Map works on Windows Vista or XP and it is very easy to create all kinds of diagrams, plans and charts.

Free download Edraw Mind Map from here and enjoy Mind Mapping.

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