Mobile payments via google phone (G1) by december in U.S.A

Mobile payments via google phone (powered by android) may even become a reality. Visa is developing a mobile payment software for google’s android powered Google phone (Gphone).

According to visa, their mobile payment software will let android powered google phone (gphone) users to receive near real-time alerts about purchases made via google phone.In addition, Google phone users will be able to find ATM machines and nearby stores for redeeming any special visa offers, by using location-based mapping technology.Visa is pround of innovating in the consumer space by enabling mobile payments.

Visa is U.S.A’s largest electronic payment network.They are likely to enable mobile payments for U.S consumers by December 2008.Initially mobile payment software via google phone will be available to Chase Visa cards also said that it has signed a deal to give Nokia’s upcoming 6212 Classic-model cell phone users, the ability to make contactless payments in stores by just flashing their Nokia 6212 phone at an electronic scanner. contactless mobile payments are also being developed for Android powered google phones.

Google’s android is like to make a big payment revolution in the world, once visa’s mobile payment software go live.In the mean time, expectations are that google phone in India will be priced above Rs.20,000.I will be disappointed if they price Google phone at such high levels in India.But Android is an open source platform and one can then even consider buying google phone in U.S, as i am sure that Android experts will soon emerge and setup shops in India.Google phone and android will definitely turn out be a bonanza for open source developers.

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