Monitor websites with ten free website monitoring tools or services

Website monitoring tools or services help monitor your websites.Website monitoring tools help you monitor your site’s uptime and performance and a number of other vital statistics.If you are owning a website then you will surely appreciate the importance of website monitoring tools as it is very important that your website is accessible and alive from different locations in the world.

A website may go dead because of a server outage or in some other cases a website may not be accessible from a few locations in the world. When these happen, you find a dip in traffic to your website.Google Analytics is the most popularly used free tool to track traffic and other visitor related statistics to sites.When you see a dip in traffic on any particular day or month, the first thing you may want to check is your site uptime for the period.If you find a dip in traffic from any particular region of the world, you may again be interested to find the reason.

Here are ten free website monitoring services or tools that help you monitor your site’s health.

Free website monitoring services or tools: is a free website monitoring service that lets you find answers to the following questions:

  • Need to reduce site downtime?
  • Provide superior user experience? Measure the traffic?
  • Find reliable hosting?
  • Compare your site performance with competitors?
  • Understand who are your visitors?
  • Achieve continuous business operations?
  • Quickly diagnose and prevent issues? Promote your website? monitors

  • end user experience from different locations,
  • instantly reports your site outage and response time,
  • monitors CPU, memory, and hard disk utilization and internal web services and proactively alerts critical server situations
  • tracks visitors and pageviews on a real-time basis has a easy web based interface to check the health of your website.


eBiz-Monitor is a free website monitoring tool that keeps an eye on your website — from multiple locations. eBiz-Monitor sends you a a quick email and text-message (SMS) notification, if your site should go down. Every day or week, eBiz-Monitor also sends a “report card” summary showing the uptime and quality of your server response. If your site is frequently unavailable or if your pages often take a long time to load — it’s time to rethink your website design or find a new host.

Unlike, with eBiz-Monitor, you need to download and run a eBiz-Monitor tool. The tool generates tiny “beacon” code that had to be dropped onto your home page. You can use the same email address to add “beacons” to each of your websites and eBiz-Monitor will then send you a single consolidated periodical report.


Montastic will monitor your website at minimum 10 minute intervals from two different locations. Montastic will send you an email when the site goes down and again sends another email when the site is up.You can read statuses via RSS or Yahoo widget or through an elegant user interface and there is no limit on the number of websites that you can monitor.


HostTracker will monitor your website at 30 minute intervals from a number of locations in U.S, Germany and canada. HostTracker is easy to use.Sign up and enter the URL of the website you want to monitor.

Developer Tutorials:

Developer Tutorials offers a free website monitoring service that tests your website periodically (every 30 minutes) for availability throughout the day, everyday. An email notification is sent to you once your website becomes unavailable and once again when its back online.Statistics are also available displaying the times your website was checked and its status at the time.

Check website:

Check website provides a free performance monitoring and uptime notification tool (script).It is very easy to setup and use. Script will check if your website is up, and check the response time of the site also. You can then choose to receive an email if the site is down, or if the site response time is too high. All results are also written to a daily log file. You can check as many websites as you wish. All URL’s are stored in a separate text file for easy updating. Website Monitoring is open-source and released under the GPL license.

SiteUp 1.1:

SiteUp 1.1 is a free and useful tool that monitors your web sites and warns you when it becomes unreachable due to a server outage or crash or any other reason. SiteUp 1.1 checks the page content and hence it can even detect a condition when the server is OK, but a site or page is unavailable.

SiteUp 1.1 does not have any limitations on the number of sites that can be monitored. SiteUp 1.1 can even be used for secured sites (https).It has a checking frequency between once a minute and once a day. When a site goes down the system tray icon will change to an animated alarm and optionally you are displayed a warning message. When a site becomes available again, you can view a log to determine how long the site has been down.

Free download SiteUp 1.1 here


SiteProbe is another free serve to monitor the status of your website hourly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also choose to be notified when your site status changes from up to down, or vice versa. You may also send these alerts to an alternate email address.


SiteUpTime has a free service that can monitor your website at 30/60 Minute intervals from four locations and provide Uptime Reports and online Statistics, email alerts and monthly reports.They monitor webservers, email servers and FTP servers.


Site24×7 has a free service that can monitor the uptime and performance of your web sites, DNS and email servers and instantly notifies you via email/SMS/RSS, if there are any downtimes or performance problems.They also provide very good reports for you to analyze.

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