How to Mount ISO Image in Windows

Are you looking for a free Virtual DVD drive creator to mount ISO Image file? Get the free “DVDFab” Virtual Drive software and clone up to 18 virtual DVD drives. This is a free virtual DVD or Blu-ray emulator that can mount any DVD/Blu-ray ISO files and it works on Windows 7, windows vista or Windows XP.

Download DVDFab Virtual Drive from here.Right click on the downloaded software and select “Run as Administrator”(if that is an option) or simply “Run”. The installation wizard will guide you through the installation of virtual DVD drives on your PC. When complete, you should see the “DVDFab Monkey King” in your system tray.

Next, you need to set up the software by right clicking on the “Monkey King” icon. This will pop up a context menu. The first item in this context menu is “Settings”, where you can choose to dismount all images on exiting the program. You can also choose to have it run at Windows start up and to automatically mount the last used image.

virtual DVD drive

The next item on the context menu list is Number of Drives, which allows you to set up as many as 18 virtual drives, depending on how you plan to use the software. This setting can be changed later if you find that you have too many or not enough virtual drives. When the drives are first created, DVDFab will automatically assign drive letters, which will appear in the next portion of the context menu list. The individual drives section will allow you to mount or dismount images to one or all drives or assign different drive letters for the virtual drives. The drive letters shown here will appear as optical drives in “My Computer” and in all applications that recognize optical drives as input sources.

The “Recently Used Images” selection gives quick access to ISO image that you may want to remount. It also has controls to clear all images from the recent list or only clear those images that no longer exist on your system. If you select one of the recently used images, another dialog will pop up showing your virtual DVD drives and letting you choose the drive to mount the image. Once the program is set up, you can left click the icon for fast mounting or dismounting of images, including the option to dismount all current images. DVDFab virtual drives shall appear on the input selectors of any software that plays or uses DVDs, Blu-ray discs or CDs.

How to mount ISO image using the installed virtual drive?

Mount ISO Image in Windows

There are several ways to accomplish this. You may right click on the ISO file, and it will provide a ‘Mount’ option listing all the available virtual drives.
You may also right click on the DVDFab Virtual Drive icon in the system tray, which will provide mount options for each drive. The ‘Recently Used Images’ option will also allow you to remount an image that you used previously.

How to watch a movie using PowerDVD, a movie image and DVDFab Virtual Drive?

Play DVD movie

Mount ISO image of the movie using any one of the techniques listed above. Open PowerDVD (or any other DVD player) with no discs in any of the optical drives on your PC. Click on the input source selector and choose the virtual drive with your mounted image from the list. Click the Play button to watch the movie. You may change virtual drive sources or mount new images during playback.

Enjoy downloading DVDFab Virtual Drive and mounting ISO images on cloned virtual drives.You can also check out the ultimate MagicDisc, a free virtual CD emulator to clone DVD drives in Windows.

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