Create animated cursors or mouse pointers with AniTuner

Create and edit animated cursors or mouse pointers for windows with AniTuner.It is a free software to create, edit and convert animated cursors for Windows. Animated cursors are animated mouse pointers to replace the default arrow cursor in Windows.

In windows animated cursors have the .ani extension and this is recognized by Windows and any cursor related application.Apart from customizing the windows desktop themes, AniTuner can also be used to produce quick and simple animations for documents,web pages, emails and applications.It works on windows XP/windows 2000 or any earlier edition of windows.

animated cursors

Features of AniTuner:

  • Open and display any animated cursor.
  • Create animated cursors from GIF (animated) or AVI
  • Import existing image files (BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, ICO, CUR…) to turn them into cursors or animated cursors.
  • Export frames from your animated cursors to several image formats.
  • Modify existing animated cursors and change their color depth or size.
  • Convert animated cursors into GIF, AVI, static bitmaps or even Macromedia Flash SWF movies.
  • Edit frames, change their duration, modify them in your favorite image editor and save changes back to the animated cursor.
  • Handles any cursor size (not only 32×32) & color depths (from 1bpp to 32bpp).
  • Special support for 32-bit cursors with a 8-bit alpha channel (partial transparency for Windows 2000, XP and Vista).
  • Turn your old 16 or 256-color animated cursors into 32-bit animated cursors with a semi-transparent shadow for Windows XP or Vista.
  • Export (and import) animated cursors as a series of PNG files (with alpha channel optionally) for easy editing.
  • Create animated GIFs, small Flash movies using the Frame editor and the Import/Export functions.
  • Browse for animated cursors on your computer and easily preview them.

Free download AniTuner and enjoy creating animated cursors.

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