MS Office-Google Docs integration With OffiSync

You can now sync your MS Office documents (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) with Google Docs! Yes, this is made possible by OffiSync, which is free to use.

The advantage of syncing documents between Microsoft Office and Google Docs is you can backup your files online and access your information from any computer.You can also easily share your Office documents with multiple people (even at remote locations) and let them make changes to the office documents at the same time.

Moreover, publishing your documents to blogs and social networks is made easier and the power of Google’s products like Search, collaboration, storage and much more can be integrated into your Office 2007 or Office 2003 applications.

Features of OffiSync

  • Open any Google Docs file directly from Microsoft Office applications.
  • Move or copy files between Google Docs folders.
  • Manage your Google Docs file library as if it was on your own computer.
  • Save your documents online in Google Docs and access them from any computer.
  • Access your files from any computer with or without Microsoft Office.
  • Manage, create and delete Google docs folders right from within Office applications.
  • Add collaborators to your documents and manage their permissions.
  • Add collaborators as you save your file in Google Docs.
  • Changes made through Office apply instantly to your Google Docs version of each file.
  • Find any document based on its content using the powerful “Google Search” feature.
  • Switch between multiple accounts (Google Docs and Google Apps) to find your business and personal files in seconds.
  • Communicate with your collaborators right from within your shared document.
  • Send automated notifications to your friends and co-workers to streamline the collaboration process.

OffiSync Technical Requirements

OffiSync works on windows 7, windows Vista or windows XP. It can integrate with either Office 2003 or Office 2007.This tool requires Microsoft’s .net 3.5 framework or higher and it will automatically install the needed framework on PCs that don’t have it installed.

However, one need to have a Google Docs or Google Apps account to use OffiSync.If you don’t have one, you can create Google Docs account here or Create a Google Apps account with your own domain here

Free Download OffiSync And Install It

  • Close all office 2007 or Office 2003 applications before installing OffiSync
  • Free Download OffiSync from here
  • Run the setup.exe
  • The OffiSync setup runs as a “silent” installation. This may take a few minutes. Wait until you get the final confirmation that “The ‘OffiSync’ registration succeeded” before running any office application

That is all! OffiSync is installed on your PC and you can now simply start Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint application and use OffiSync. It appears as a new ribbon tab in office 2007 applications and as a new menu in Office 2003 applications.

Sync MS Office And Google Documents With OffiSync and enjoy document sharing and collaboration.

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