Download MSN Messenger 8.5 Free

Free Download MSN Messenger 8.5

Download Windows live messenger 8.5 for free and enjoy the old messenger client from microsoft on your Windows XP or windows vista.

Some people love the older version of an application than the latest ones.Probably they feel more at ease in using its interface or may be, they find a feature, that they use a lot, missing in the newer version.It could also be the fact that the newer versions of the application, does not work in their PC.Whatever it may be, older versions of applications do have their own charm and there are many who still prefer to use them.

One such old application that is patronized by many is Windows Live Messenger 8.5 that is also sometime referred to as MSN Messenger 8.5.”MSN Messenger” is the old name for Microsoft’s earlier versions of its current messenger client known as Windows live Messenger 9.

Update: The latest version of windows live messenger is windows live messenger 2011windows live messenger 2011 Free Download. MSN Messenger is also now integrated with hotmail as Hotmail Messenger. This lets you keep in touch with your messenger contacts, wherever you are!

MSN Messenger 8.5 was designed more for windows XP and Vista. This version had considerable improvements over its predecessors and it gave users several good features that include the following.

  • the ability to share files and folders locally with buddies by displaying a mirror of each others’ files
  • lot of good emoticons for users to express themselves over the messenger client
  • multi-player gaming abilities for friends to kill time
  • the now popular PC-to-PC calling was introduced free
  • mobile phone messaging capabilities
  • video chatting in a full blown 640×480-pixel screen
  • VoIP capabilities to call telephones around the world for a fee

Free download the still popular MSN Messenger 8.5 from here from and enjoy your older and favorite MSN Messenger 8.5 that you had been looking for.

Download MSN Messenger 8.5 for free and enjoy the old messenger client from microsoft on your Windows XP or windows vista.

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