Multi Messenger For Yahoo Messenger (IM)

Do you know that you can open multi Messenger instances of Yahoo Messenger? Yes, it is possible. Yahoo Messenger is a popular Instant Messaging (IM) client, used by several people around the world. Yahoo Messenger has many features including sending instant messages to your friends in real-time, doing voice chats, Showing your style with emoticons and avatars, setting a custom Status message that show yourself as available, busy, or invisible, to share with your friends and so on.

Many people have several Yahoo IDs, and use different IDs for different sets of people. Fo example, you may maintain one for your close friends, one for your online friends and so on. But at any point of time, you would be able to log into yahoo Messenger with only one Yahoo ID. What if you want to chat with both your close friends and your online friends? This wouldn’t be normally possible. But here is a software called M Multi Yahoo Messenger, that lets you log into Yahoo Messenger with more that on Yahoo ID, at the same time. i.e. you can open two or more instances of Yahoo Messenger IM client on your PC and login with different Yahoo IDs on each of them. This way, you would be able to chat with different groups of people, from different Yahoo IDs, at the same time.

Multi Messenger, Yahoo Messenger Multi Yahoo Messenger

M Multi Yahoo Messenger works with any version of Yahoo Messenger, including the latest version and it does so by applying a patch to the Yahoo IM client software.

Free Download M Multi Yahoo Messenger from brothersoft and enjoy logging onto multi Messengers of Yahoo.

If you want to access your Yahoo mails on gmail or any other favorite mailing client of yours, here are the Yahoo POP3 and SMTP settings to configure those mailing clients.

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