Experience Multitouch on windows 7 with duosense

Experience multitouch on Windows 7 (pre beta version) using DuoSense multi-touch pre-beta package. n-trig.com has released the multi-touch beta package for windows 7, to enable ISVs and developers experience the Hands-on (Touch) effect, and allows software applications to be developed for windows 7, with integral multi-touch capabilities.

It is well known that windows 7 will support Multi-touch. This feature gives the user, the ability to use their hands, to manipulate data and objects directly on the computer screen, thereby enabling them to fully experience the hands-on (touch) computing approach. DuoSense’s multi-touch technology provides a natural user interface, revolutionizing personal and professional computing and providing a better human interface.

Multi touch in windows 7 (Video):

www.gottabemobile.com have released a video demonstrating multi touch on windows 7 using duosense.Since this is a pre beta release, things may not very smooth, but you could get a feel of what you will actually get in windows 7.

Folks, if you have installed windows 7 (pre beta), then you can experience multi touch by downloading duosense. Enjoy multi-touch in windows 7.

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