MySpace to launch developer platform

Myspace will soon launch a developer platform like Facebook. Myspace is a popular and large online social network, that offers an interface for sharing blogs,groups,photos,music and videos among networks of friends.

The developer platform will consist of a suite of tools for software developers or programmers to develop games and other applications that can integrate with Myspace.Facebook has been a serious threat to the popularity of other social networking sites.Myspace has probably planned this to ward off Facebook challenges and to widen the gap against other online social networks.

This move by Myspace appears inevitable as Facebook, having offered a similar development platform to its users in May last year, is aggressively closing the gap between it and Myspace. However, the success of this copycat developer platform, will depend upon the user community. Software developers and programmers can register at for more information.The Myspace developer platform is expected to commencing on 6th February.

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