Repair corrupted/crashed mysql tables via phpmyadmin

Mysql database tables may get corrupt and crash, due to several reasons.This article is on how to repair corrupted/crashed Mysql tables via phpMyAdmin.

MySQL is known for its stability, but as any other software application, there may be bugs that could crash the Mysql tables. For eg., unstable operating system on which Mysql is installed or hardware problems or it could even be a simple power failure. Any of these could lead to Mysql table crashes.However there is no reason to panic. It is easy to repair Mysql tables via phpMyAdmin.

How to repair Mysql tables via phpMyAdmin upon a corruption and crash?

When one or more Mysql tables get corrupt and crashes, they could be restored by carrying out the below mentioned steps via phpMyAdmin.

  • Login to phpMyAdmin
  • Select the affected mysql database. If you own only one database, then it would have been chosen by default
  • In the main panel, mysql tables for the database would be listed. Check the boxes besides the tables that you want to repair.
  • At the bottom of the window (below the list of tables), you will find a drop down menu. Choose “Repair Table” from the menu
repair mysql tables

phpMyAdmin should automatically fix the chosen mysql tables. Once it is fixed, take a backup of the mysql database! Take regular backups of your mysql database used in wordpress or any other application.

2 comments on “Repair corrupted/crashed mysql tables via phpmyadmin

  1. My tables crashed once as the Overhead got increased. Do you know what causes “Overhead” to develop in the tables

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  3. Thanks a lot for this tip.

    Helped me a lot.

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