“(Not Responding)” Program in windows – Fix it

A tutorial on how to get rid of “Not Responding” Program errors in windows.

If you had used Windows, then you would have encountered “Not Responding” status for a few programs. You can easily detect this status by opening windows Task Manager and looking at all all the current active tasks and their status in the Applications tab.

what does “(Not Responding)” program status mean and what causes it?

When you see the “Not Responding” status in the title bar of a running application or program, it implies the program might have a problem. In all windows operating environments, when a program does not respond to a request from the operating system then there is a potential problem in it being run by windows.

If you are wondering on what triggers the “Not Responding” status of a program, you must understand that this could be caused by different kinds of issues. For example, the program may be coded in a way that an indefinite loop is triggered by a particular windows request.Thus, in this example, the status is triggered by poor coding of the program. It could also be triggered by some defects in any hardware attached to your PC or due to issues with drivers. Sometimes, the issue might also be caused by viruses and spyware on your PC.

How to you deal with “Not Responding” status of a program?

Whenever this status is encountered from a program, an user tries to kill the program via Task Manager in windows.But users may not always be successful in terminating “Not Responding” processes via the task manager. You can then use a few good utilities to kill programs which triggers the computer system to hang.You thereby avoid the need to restart the PC (which is generally not good), when you encounter a “Not Responding” processes in your windows PC.

Process Assassin is one such small utility that lets you kill any “Not Responding” program instantaneously. Process Assassin lets the user select a not responding application and terminate it immediately, without calling any other external programs.

Not Responding error in Windows

It also has a button to kill some widely used windows programs. For example, the windows tab has buttons to terminate “Not Responding” windows processes, kernel programs and applications. Likewise, the Microsoft Office tab has buttons to terminate each office application and the web browsers tab has button to terminate Internet Explorer, firefox, Chrome, Safari and more.

For any other program i.e. programs not on the pre-defined tabs, click the “Assassinate” button and choose the non-responsive program to kill or terminate it.

Process Assassin is a portable software.Free download this “Not Responding” process terminator from here and get rid of your woes on your windows PC.

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